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How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy

Looking for a job can be a tough thing in just about any economy. A job search in a tough economy can be downright difficult. In an economic downturn, companies typically downsize their workforce and layoff workers. All over Canada, people are also looking to find a job. Competition among all those people out there looking for a job is intense. It's more important now than ever that job seekers do what they must to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the best tips for finding a good job in a tough economy.

Use the Time Wisely

It's very likely there are a lot of open spaces on that calendar and time seems to be abundant. Use the time wisely and spend it where it will provide the most return. Sending out a few applications and waiting in front of the TV is not a wise use of the time. Rewrite that resume and cover letter. Practice answering those tough interview questions. Get online and check the Internet job boards for listings and possible leads. When scheduling time for family, friends, and other professionals, use that time to talk to other people about the possibilities of work. They may know someone who is looking to hire people.

Meet More People

In a job search, meeting new people is essential. Online interaction doesn't really count here. It's necessary to get out to social and/or professional functions and "press the flesh." Meeting other people face-to-face is a great way of gathering job search information on possible jobs as well as increasing the odds of actually finding a job. Also consider MySpace, FaceBook, and LinkedIn for gathering job information or finding career opportunities. Remember to always be professional in person and on the web.

Stay Open Minded to Opportunities

The days of a person remaining with a company for 30 or 40 years and retiring in a single career are probably long gone. Many people these days will have multiple careers over the span of a working lifetime. Tough economic times have a way of changing a person's career goals and aspirations. So, it's best to not focus on a single opportunity or career field and close out any other possibilities. Always be willing to consider the possibility of doing something new and different.

Flexibility is Necessary to Find a Job

Along with keeping an open mind is the ability to remain flexible. It's important to always strive to get into that position or career field where work will be a joy and not a grind. Flexibility is being willing to accept another position in a different career field for now while continually watching for a better job later. Being flexible and accepting part-time or contract work may also be something that will allow the bills to be paid right now. Even taking a job with a lower salary should be considered, at least temporarily.

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